Charro started diving in Cozumel in 1968 as a divemaster for Aqua Safari. He ventured out on his own in 1989 with his first boat the Sinaloa. Through the years, his independant dive operation has been known by many names: The Sinaloa, Dive the Mayte, Charro & Sons...but most commonly, simply as "Charro".

Over the many years and thousands of dives he guided under the waters of Cozumel Charro learned the secrets of Cozumel’s underwater treasures.  His first boat was the Sinoloa which he purchased in 1989.  A few years later he added the Mayte and his sons Carlos and Simon joined him. His sons had lived their entire life on Cozumel, surrounded by the spectacular Caribbean and diving her warm tropical waters. In 2014 he added a new boat, the My Way. Simon has left to have his own operation.


The Sinoloa is no longer in service. All diving is from either the Mayte or the My Way. On most days they leave the caleta at 9:30 in the morning. The first dive can be on any reef on Cozumel, it depends on the weather and the wishes of the divers. After a lesurely surface interval of two hours you do your second dive often on sites normaly reserved for the first dive of the day. Since the Mayte or the My Way only do one trip a day you will not be rushed back to town. Along the way the crew provides you with water, soft drinks, fruit and a lunch. Both boats have toilets. If you would like to make reservations please check our web site at


Carlos and Simon